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Immerse yourself in an atmosphere as captivating as it is relaxing with the Covana Oasis and its integrated ambient lighting system. Combining luxury, privacy, and functionality, the Covana Oasis has it all.

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Oasis Midnight

Escape from time and space with the new Oasis Midnight. In deep black, the Midnight edition is camouflaged in the nighttime landscape, creating a calm and luxurious ambiance.

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Discover functional elegance with the Covana Evolution, a modular design to fit the majority of hot tubs. Merging innovation and simplicity, this flat-roof cover provides the ultimate relaxation experience, without fuss nor compromise.


Elevate your athletic potential with the Covana Legend, providing easy access to your swim spa so you can stay focused on your goals. Aim for peak performance in an environment designed to minimize obstacles and maximize success.

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